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Patient Assistance Programs

NORD pioneered Patient Assistance Services more than two decades ago and is well-recognized for its leadership within the rare diseases community. Since 1987, NORD has administered more than 380 patient assistance programs and $56 million in free drug and co-pay assistance. NORD provides an unparalleled perspective and breadth of experience in Patient Assistance Services. The strong foundation of NORD’s Patient Assistance Services means that industry partners and the patients in need benefit from the proven efficiency and effectiveness of a full range of programs.

NORD is alone in providing a combination of advocacy, education, research and patient assistance programs. When you work with NORD, you and your programs gain credibility because you’re part of a unique, well-recognized and universally-regarded network. NORD provides vital support that empowers patients, their families, and the medical professionals who provide their care. NORD’s continuum of patient access solutions is unique. NORD’s programs and services connect patients with treatments, researchers with funding, and physicians with critical information. NORD works closely with its partners to develop innovative programs and customized services to successfully execute even the most complex of challenging programs.

NORD works with its business partners to focus on the unique needs of rare disease patients and develop programs that make a positive impact on patients. Read about the types of services offered and what you can expect when you partner with NORD.

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Types of Patient Assistant Services NORD Administers

At the heart of NORD’s patient program are our Patient Assistance Services, which are at the forefront of the industry in range and quality. NORD’s unique array of patient-centered services is a testament to the organization’s dedication to the rare disease community and commitment to breaking down obstacles to treatment. These services include:

Medication Assistance Programs

NORD’s Medical Assistance Programs provide drugs at no charge to financially eligible uninsured and underinsured patients. These programs also serve patients who are facing other access challenges, such as low cap plans, donut-hole restrictions or absence of a prescription plan.

Premium and Co-Pay Assistance Programs

Patients with certain medical conditions often cannot afford out-of-pocket costs associated with their plans. In these cases, NORD administers co-payment and premium funds to help patients overcome obstacles to therapy access.

Travel and Lodging Assistance for Clinical Trials

When patients and their families must travel to distant research centers to participate in clinical trials, NORD provides necessary travel and temporary housing assistance to facilitate treatment.

Expanded Access/ Random Selection Program

For some patients with rare diseases, approved treatment options may not be available. In these cases, patients may benefit from access to investigational new drugs. NORD works closely with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to provide patients with information about clinical trials and also administers computerized random selection programs when a limited amount of investigational drug is available.

Emergency or Limited Access Programs

NORD’s reputation within the rare disease community has made us the obvious choice to serve as a gatekeeper of inventory when FDA-approved drugs are in short supply. Our team coordinates with manufacturers, prescribing physicians and regulatory agencies to register and screen patients fairly and reliably for access to drugs that are outside the commercial distribution system.

Ancillary Access Programs

NORD offers additional support for diagnostic testing, lab tests and other necessary testing associated with the diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases. These ancillary programs provide patients with access to essential diagnosis processes that will ultimately facilitate appropriate treatment.

What NORD Offers

From education through product fulfillment, NORD’s proactively managed and integrated programs ensure the best outcome for patients and providers, and for companies whose commitment to patient care and services can be fulfilled through collaboration with NORD.

Customer Call Center

NORD’s dedicated customer call center efficiently handles all patient and prescriber inquiries. Using state-of-the-art technology and staffed by an experienced, caring patient support team, the NORD call center is a vital component in successful patient programs.

Reimbursement Support

NORD provides comprehensive reimbursement support services that maximize treatment access to patients. These industry-leading services include management of benefit investigations, prior authorizations, industry compliant billing and coding, and appeals management.

Product/Drug Fulfillment

NORD works with all dispensing agents to ensure uninterrupted delivery of required medications and to help track patient compliance.

Data Reporting & Analysis

NORD leverages its proprietary, web-based information systems to proactively manage programs and provide companies with results of its multivariate analyses.

Strategic Consultation

NORD’s expert staff provides consultation to companies on an array of topics including issues surrounding product development and patient access to treatment.

Patient Education

NORD designs and conducts regional meetings throughout the US for patients and their families affected by rare diseases. The meetings represent an opportunity to hear from the key opinion leaders and network with others facing similar challenges. NORD also develops rare disease reports for patients written in easy-to-understand language and rare disease booklets for physicians.

View the full patient assistance program brochure.

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