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NORD and Platform Q Health are pleased to bring you accredited online rare disease education. These accessible, engaging digital courses seek to equip healthcare providers and patients with the information they need to identify the signs and symptoms of rare diseases and make sure they are familiar with available treatment options.

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Pediatric Epilepsy

Program Description: Dravet syndrome is a severe, intractable and difficult-to-manage epileptic syndrome, characterized by marked and prolonged multiple seizure types, with intellectual disability and comorbid behavioral disorders. Experts consider Dravet syndrome among the most challenging epilepsy syndromes to manage. The significant burden of disease Dravet syndrome places on both patient and family/caregiver is profound. However, clinicians may not be intimately knowledgeable about the burden of disease associated with Dravet syndrome and its adverse effects on quality-of-life in patients and families/caregivers and how best to address and support such individuals. Moreover, limited effective treatment options for Dravet syndrome adds to the clinical complexity of its management; newer, more effective treatment options are being investigated. Importantly, families/caregivers are often wholly unprepared to deal with the myriad of clinical and nonclinical issues that they will face on their journey.