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6th Annual KD Golf Scramble

September 24, 2016

The 6th annual KD Golf Scramble in Texas is underway! The committee members met on May 22nd to begin the planning for this exciting event. The golf tournament will be held at High Meadow Ranch Golf Club in Magnolia, Texas on Saturday, September 24th . The meeting began with just the right kind of update that keeps a small group like this motivated as they discussed the recent Michigan State University study about recovering motor function in men afflicted with Kennedy’s Disease. This is exciting because that means, for the first time, they have uncovered accessible targets for potential treatments to reverse the disease! Research news like this is just the right kind of inspiration we need to remind us we can make a difference!! The annual KD Golf Scramble is one of the premier, charitable fundraising golf tournaments for Kennedy’s Disease Association, and we are looking forward to making this the biggest and best year yet. With your help, we can! The success of our tournament has been largely dependent on our ability to attract generous sponsors who support our mission and recognize the importance of continuing to promote such a worthy cause. We hosted our very first golf tournament to raise funds and awareness for KDA in 2010. What we lacked in volunteers and experience, we made up for in heart. You know what we learned that first year? We learned people want to help; we learned people have hearts as big as Texas!! Last year, in 2015, we celebrated our 5th annual golf tournament. To this day, we are pleased as punch to tell you we have donated more than $120,000 to KDA!!! We have had families from Florida, California, Virginia and even Canada that have joined us for these exciting, fun events. This year, we are hoping we can get even more of you to help our little group of volunteers in Texas. How can you help? Get the word out by telling your friends, family, neighbors – heck, just anyone you know! Tell them to visit to read about our event and what prizes they can possibly win! Even better – let us tell your story! Let us build you a microsite!! This is a website that is a creative way to engage others to learn about you, Kennedy’s Disease and highlight the need to raise funds and awareness. All we need is a picture and your story and you’ll be off and running. We’ve had microsites raise from $50 to over $3,000!! One family set a goal of $1,000 and then had a friendly competition amongst themselves, determined that they would reach that goal – and they did!! Their success earned them our thanks with a large feather flag bearing their family name on hole 18 the day of our golf tournament! No contribution is too small!! If you’re interested in a microsite, email or


This is not a NORD sponsored event. This event is being hosted by a NORD member organization.