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Patient Assistance Programs

From education through product fulfillment, NORD’s patient assistance programs ensure the best outcome for patients, providers and companies committed to compassionate, patient-centered care.

NORD pioneered Patient Assistance Programs in the U.S., launching the first program for medications in 1987. Today, our integrated programs offer unparalleled perspective, breadth of experience and knowledge of patient and family needs. Physicians know they can trust NORD to interact with their patients in a sensitive, informed and professional manner.  Services provided include:

  • Strategic consultation

  • Patient education

  • Customer call center

  • Reimbursement support

  • Product and drug fulfillment

  • Data reporting and analysis

Patient Assistance Brochure

Learn how your commitment to patient care can be fulfilled through collaboration with NORD.  View the full brochure >


Medication Assistance Programs

Medication Assistance Programs provide drugs at no charge to financially eligible uninsured and underinsured patients. These programs also serve patients who are facing other access challenges, such as low cap plans, donut-hole restrictions or absence of a prescription plan.


Premium and Co-Pay Assistance Programs

Patients with certain medical conditions often cannot afford out-of-pocket costs associated with their plans. NORD administers branded and disease specific co-payment, co-insurance, and premium funds to help patients overcome obstacles to therapy access.


Ancillary Access Programs

Patients often struggle to afford access to other ancillary medical services associated with the diagnosis and treatment of their disease. NORD designs and administers programs that provide financial support for these related services not covered by insurance in order to provide patients with access to essential diagnostic processes that will ultimately facilitate appropriate treatment.

Travel and Lodging Assistance for Clinical Trials

When patients and their families must travel to distant research centers to participate in clinical trials, NORD coordinates and provides necessary travel and temporary housing assistance to facilitate treatment.


Expanded Access, Random Selection, Limited Access Programs

For some patients with rare diseases, approved treatment options may not be available. In these cases, patients may benefit from access to investigational new drugs. NORD provides patients with information about clinical trials and also administers computerized random selection programs when a limited amount of investigation drug is available. NORD’s reputation within the rare disease community has made us the obvious choice to serve as a gatekeeper of inventory when FDA-approved drugs are in short supply. Our team coordinates with manufacturers, prescribing physicians and regulatory agencies to register and screen patients fairly and reliably for access to drugs that are outside the commercial distribution system.