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For Patients

Through its extensive online resources, meetings and conferences, NORD helps patients and their families learn about rare diseases, access helpful resources and become empowered partners with their medical providers. NORD’s educational resources for patients and their families include:

Rare Disease Database

The Rare Disease Database provides reports on more than 1,300 rare diseases for patients and their families. Each report also links to disease-specific patient organizations and other resources that provide further support for patients and their families.

Organizational Database

Visitors to the NORD website may search the Organizational Database to see whether there is an organization for patients with their disease. These organizations can provide support for patients and families who are living with rare disease.

Connect with Others

As the primary umbrella organization for the 30 million Americans living with rare diseases, NORD helps patients connect with others through our social media and special initiatives such as Rare Disease Day, for which NORD is the official U.S. sponsor. Follow NORD on Facebook and Twitter, and visit the RareDiseaseDay.US website to connect with others and get involved.