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Student Club Program

Many students have expressed interest in establishing rare disease clubs on their campuses. To support these efforts, NORD has developed the NORD Student Club Program.




Connecting College Students to Rare Diseases

This program provides a pathway for students to:

  • Learn about rare diseases and related challenges
  • Prepare for success in health-related careers
  • Engage with NORD in educational activities
  • Show support for rare disease patients and caregivers

Keck Day Presentation


Current NORD Student Clubs

University Clubs

Keck Graduate Institute of Pharmacy
Rare Disease Club~read Q&A 

University of Notre Dame
RareND~read Q&A

University of Pacific- Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
No Disease Left Behind~read Q&A

High School Clubs

Amador Valley High School
Pleasanton CA
Rare Disease Club (RDC)

Program Details

To learn more about the Student Club Program, please download this FAQ.


  • Clubs approved for the program will be listed on the NORD website
  • They may display the NORD Student Club logo
  • NORD will promote awareness of club activities in its social media
  • Club members will have opportunities to participate in NORD advocacy and education    
  • When possible, NORD will provide local patient/caregiver speakers for club events

Program Details


*Promote rare disease awareness and education on campuses

*Have at least one faculty adviser

*Host at least one event each year

*Work with NORD to incorporate the patient voice into their activities

*Promote awareness of ways to support NORD advocacy and educational initiatives on behalf of patients

*Submit annual reports to NORD briefly summarizing their activities

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