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Jun. 17, 2016

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Happy Father’s Day from NORD

Posted by Jennifer Huron

NORD FathersDay_1The strength of the rare disease community is defined by the people in it, and rare dads are some of our strongest advocates.  You are always there to try and fix things, lend a helping hand, and you never stop supporting your families, whether you are a parent caring for a sick child or spouse, or dealing with a rare disease yourself.

Thank you, Rare Dads! You inspire us every single day to make a difference in the lives of the patients and families in the rare disease community.


Write a thank you note to a dad in your life or someone else who has helped you through your rare disease.  Share your message in the comments section below.

6 Responses to “Happy Father’s Day from NORD”

  1. Brittany Neal says:

    Thank you to all of the dads out there! Whether you are the primary caregiver, the one who works while another takes care of a child, or the spouse, you are amazing!

    I know my own dad will never read this but I want to thank him. For working insane amount of hours so my mom could stay home and care for me while I was young. For being our rock when we were scared. For continuing to work even though he could have retired just to give me the ability to move out on my own. For expecting the same out of me as he did my sisters. For having faith in me and my decisions over my health. For still visiting me in the hospital even though I know every time he entered all he thought about was his son who died in his arms at 8 years old. For treating the love of my life as a son. For giving me to him to take care of me. For fighting for our country in Vietnam and being scarred by it forever.
    And for still watching over me from heaven. I miss you everyday and I love you so much. Happy Father’s Day dad.

  2. Thank you to my dad and to my husband, both of you have helped me to be a stronger woman, a better mother. You have encouraged me to do what it takes to be happy and healthy. You have made me Chronically Awesome!
    Happy Father’s Day you both, I love you.

  3. Ndeye Anta Sene says:

    First of all, I thank God for blessing me with such a unique father. I would also like to thank my father for being such a overprotective, overbearing, hands-on, but most importantly a very supportive dad. Since I have been diagnosed with this rare disorder, you have been an unbelievable supportive system and I would not be here without your sacrifices, prayers, and encouragements. Therefore, I want to take this special day to THANK YOU again for always being there for me. I love you.

  4. Robin Bartel says:

    It’s been 5 years since we lost our precious rare disease angel, Bubba to Leigh’s Disease. I want to thank the most wonderful man in the world for being a wonderful husband, and dad to our adopted son. When you learned of all the health problems this little guy had it did not deter you from asking me to marry you. In 2004 we married and from that day on you never left me our other children or most of all James (Bubba) down. You jumped right in wanting to know what you could do to make life easier for me. I want the world to know that there are good men out there who are will be great fathers to children who are not biologically their own. And when Bubba passed away on Aug. 21, 2010 he was there to comfort me through some and still the roughest times of grief……..Happy Fathers Day Gary Bartel a Wonderful Man

  5. This is the first Fathers Day in my life when I will be without my Dad Daniel Hoffman because my daddy is on military duty and I miss you so much! I want to wish my Dad Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for being the Best Dad and doing your best to hep me dealing with my Rare incurable condition. Thank you for advocating for me and other children with Bartter syndrome! Thank you for serving our contry. Daddy, you are my inspiration and I will do my best to get stronger and someday became a great dad like you.
    Love you daddy.
    Ethan Hoffman, Howland, Ohio

  6. I lost my stepdad in 1999. Not only did he always treat me as though I was his, he showed me that I am OK just as I am.. no one is really normal anyway!