Advocacy Center (Louisiana)

8325 Oak Street
New Orleans, LA


About Advocacy Center (Louisiana)

The Advocacy Center (Louisiana) (AC) is a non-profit advocacy organization established in 1977 that believes in the dignity of every life and in the freedom of all people to experience the highest degree of self-determination. Embracing this philosophy, the Advocacy Center (AC) protects and advocates for the human and legal rights of people living in Louisiana who are disabled or elderly. Individuals in Louisiana who are eligible for the AC’s advocacy programs include those who are 60 years of age or older; individuals with physical, developmental, and/or mental disabilities; nursing home residents; and clients or applicants of Louisiana Rehabilitation Services. To accomplish the AC’s mission, a multidisciplinary staff of lawyers, paralegals, and client advocates, and support staff offer a variety of services. The AC provides direct legal representation by advising clients of their rights, negotiating on behalf of clients and representing clients in court and at administration hearings. The Advocacy Center also provides referrals to legal, social, health, education, employment, and other related services and works to improve systems that are used by individuals who are elderly or have disabilities including education, legal, health, social services, transportation and vocational systems. In addition, the AC informs others about the legal rights of individuals who are elderly or has disabilities through group presentations, media campaigns, and participation on committees and task forces. Provides training to promote self-advocacy; and offers a variety of educational materials including an informational brochure series, booklets, reports, flyers, Spanish and Vietnamese language materials and a regular newsletter.