American Association of Tissue Banks

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McLean, VA

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About American Association of Tissue Banks

The American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to facilitating the provision of transplantable tissues of uniform high quality in quantities sufficient to meet national needs. Established in 1976 and consisting of 1,100 members, the Association sponsors regular meetings, seminars, and workshops to promote the exchange of information among members and to provide leadership in the growing field of transplantation. In addition, AATB supports promotional and educational programs for the purpose of stimulating tissue donation and encourages efficiency and professionalism of tissue banking nationwide. The Association maintains ongoing cooperative programs with other professional organizations to keep its members abreast of the latest medical applications of preserved allografts and to assess clinical efficacy. In addition, the Association is designed to serve as a source of information and advice to individuals and organizations wishing to establish or expand banking activities, to represent the various specialties within the tissue banking industry, and to speak for the industry as a whole. The Association publishes standards to ensure that the conduct of tissue banking meets acceptable norms of technical and ethical performance and provides technical information that describes procedures to ensure reasonable and responsible approaches to recovery, processing, storage, and distribution of transplantable tissue. AATB also carries out programs of Inspection and Accreditation of Tissue Banking Organizations and Certification of Tissue Bank Personnel to ensure that tissue-banking activities are being performed in a professional manner consistent with the standards.