American Urological Association, Inc.

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About American Urological Association, Inc.

The American Urological Association (AUA) is a professional organization dedicated to promoting the highest standards of urologic clinical care through education, research, and formulation of health care policy. Urology is the branch of medicine that specializes in the anatomy, functioning, and diseases and disorders of the urinary tract in males and females and the reproductive tract in males. The American Urological Association was founded in 1902 and currently has approximately 12,000 members worldwide. The Association’s vision is to be the premier professional association for the advancement of urologic patient care. The AUA works to fulfill its mission and vision through several strategic goals, strategies, and objectives including promoting quality urological practice by recognizing and encouraging the development of new technologies and procedures; advancing patient welfare and the public interest to maintain the highest ethical standards of care; providing leadership and expertise to anticipate the challenges and meet the needs of membership and patients; and participating proactively with government and private organizations on the resolution of socioeconomic issues and development of health care policies affecting urology. The Association is also committed to assuring the quality of urologic health care by defining and disseminating current standards and guidelines for optimal care; advising and serving as a resource for urologic and other organizations and institutions that train, certify, or credential urologic health care professionals; providing comprehensive and innovative educational programs for urologic health professionals; and promoting public awareness of urologic diseases and their prevention and treatment by urologic specialists. Additional goals and objectives include supporting and implementing appropriate research of urologic diseases; encouraging the promotion of urologic skills in the management and treatment of disease; cooperating with international urologic organizations to enhance the quality of worldwide urologic research, education, and patient care; and providing innovative programs and proactively interacting with urologists, managed care organizations, and consumers. The AUA’s publications include a journal, a member newsletter, and a membership and referral directory.