Arthritis Society

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About Arthritis Society

The Arthritis Society (AS) is a non-profit organization in Canada dedicated to funding and promoting arthritis research, patient care, and public education. Arthritis, an inflammatory condition of the joints that may result in swelling and pain, is a joint disease that may be due to a number of different underlying causes. The society’s mission is to search for the underlying causes and subsequent cures for arthritis, and to promote the best possible care and treatment for people with arthritis. Established in 1948, the society, which serves 10 provincial divisions of Canada, engages in patient advocacy; promotes patient and professional education; provides networking services for affected individuals and family members; and offers appropriate referrals. It also provides a variety of educational materials including a regular newsletter, brochures, and pamphlets. A toll-free number (800-321-1433) is maintained by the organization for use in Canada only.