Be the Match Registry

About Be the Match Registry

The Caitlin Raymond International Registry (CRIR) of Bone Marrow Donor Banks is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1986 as a coordinating center for conducting national and international searches for unrelated donors for individuals with diseases that are treatable by bone marrow transplantation or placental blood transfusion. CRIR strives not only to identify potential donors, but also to facilitate and coordinate the entire search process. Daily search activities include coordinating existing donor resources and assisting in the development of new bone marrow and cord blood donor sources; developing and maintaining an information service for physicians, transplant coordinators, and affected individuals regarding all available donor sources; and maintaining communications with, and problem solving for physicians, transplant coordinators, and affected individuals. The organization also distributes information concerning all available medical, financial, and community support services; monitors search progress and assists in the identification of problems resulting from unnecessary delays, costs, and/or incomplete search results; and works directly with the physician, transplant coordinator, and affected individual to tailor the search process to meet the needs of the individual.

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