Blind Children’s Center

4120 Marathon Street
Los Angeles, CA


About Blind Children’s Center

The Blind Children’s Center, Inc. (BCCI) is a non-profit, voluntary organization dedicated to serving children with vision impairments from birth to school age. Established in 1938 and consisting of 45 members, the organization has center-based programs and services that facilitate the acquisition of skills and build independence in affected children. The center serves families and professionals worldwide through support services, education, and research. Program activities include an infant program where parents learn techniques that encourage their children to explore their environment and develop their other senses; individualized preschool educational programs including low vision training, sensory development, orientation and mobility, occupational therapy, and speech/language consultation; and family services including a social services staff, consisting of social workers and a psychologist who provide support for the entire family. All programs are available in Spanish. The organization also provides referrals to early intervention programs, programs for children who are visually impaired, social services agencies, advocacy groups, companies that carry products for visually impaired individuals, self help organizations, and rehabilitation centers.