Canadian Association for Community Living

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About Canadian Association for Community Living

The Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) is a national, non-profit federation dedicated to developing communities that welcome people with intellectual disabilities and promoting participation of people with intellectual disabilities in all aspects of community life. Intellectual disability is usually present from birth and involves some degree of difficulty learning, conceptualizing, and adapting to social situations. The association promotes the belief that people with intellectual disabilities have the right to participate in all decisions that affect their lives. Therefore, the association�s goals include creating alternatives to institutional care for people with intellectual disabilities; ensuring that all children, regardless of their level of intellectual ability, have access to education in regular classes; ensuring that all people have the opportunity to earn a living and contribute as productive members of the community; and supporting families of people with mental handicaps. The association endeavors to bring about change in personal attitudes to acceptance of people with mental handicaps. This goal is addressed through public education and training programs. CACL works with government and service agencies, individuals, and families in order to build supportive and inclusive communities. The association is a federation of ten provincial and two territorial affiliates with more than 40,000 members and 400 local associations across Canada.