Children’s Brain Diseases Foundation

350 Parnassus Avenue
San Francisco, CA


About Children’s Brain Diseases Foundation

The Children’s Brain Diseases Foundation (CBDF) is a national, non-profit organization that raises funds for medical research into the causes and treatments of Batten disease. Batten disease, also known as neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, is a rare, progressive, degenerative, neuro metabolic disorder characterized by gradual intellectual deterioration, seizure episodes, progressive motor impairment, and progressive visual impairment. Symptoms may begin in infancy, very early childhood, or late childhood depending on the specific type. There is also an adult form called Kuf’s disease. Founded in 1968, the foundation provides information on Batten disease to affected families and their physicians and promotes public understanding of the disease. Research funds are provided to investigators to help maintain the momentum of research on Batten Disease; pursue new scientific opportunities in this area of study; and promote early diagnosis, effective treatment, and prevention of Batten disease. The foundation produces educational brochures including “Help To Keep the Color In a Child’s Life: Erase Batten Disease.”