Churg Strauss Syndrome Association

PO Box 671
Southampton, MA


About Churg Strauss Syndrome Association

The Churg Strauss Syndrome Association (CSSA) is dedicated to the identification, treatment, and cure of Churg Strauss syndrome. This is a rare disorder characterized by blood vessel inflammation that occurs throughout the body and may affect multiple organ systems, particularly the lungs. CSSA is operated and supported by volunteer efforts and is a net of patients, friends and medical professionals. The mission of CSSA is threefold: CSSA offers support and guidance to those afflicted with Churg Strauss syndrome through patient networking; it provides education and promotes public awareness of Churg Strauss syndrome through seminars, workshops, publicity campaigns, and literature; and it promotes and supports research to improve treatment and ultimately find a cure for Churg Strauss syndrome and related vasculitic diseases.

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