Craniofacial Foundation of America

975 East Third Street
Chattanooga, TN


About Craniofacial Foundation of America

The Craniofacial Foundation of America (CFA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals and families affected by head and/or facial difference(s) as a result of birth defect, tumor, or trauma-related injury. Established in 1989, the foundation provides financial assistance for food, travel, and lodging expenses to qualified families traveling to the Tennessee Craniofacial Center for evaluation and treatment. The foundation provides support services for both affected individuals and their families including regularly scheduled support group meetings and a parent-to- parent network. CFA also maintains a toll-free hotline and offers educational materials including brochures on “The History of Craniofacial Surgery” and “Post Traumatic Deformities and Facial Reconstruction in Treacher Collins Syndrome.”