About Cruse Bereavement Care

The Cruse Bereavement Care is a voluntary organization based in England that offers personal and confidential help to bereaved people and those who care for them. Established in 1959, Cruse has grown to include 194 branches throughout the United Kingdom. As a non-denominational organization, Cruse provides free counseling, social support groups, and information to people of all religions and beliefs (although there is a small membership fee). All counselors are trained by the organization. In addition to speaking English, some staff members are fluent in French, Farsi, Assyrian, Urdu, Hindu, and Punjabi. Cruse also offers training courses for firms and organizations; journals, books, videos, training manuals, and brochures for those interested in participating in Cruse’s work; and a newsletter for its members. Cruse also advocates on behalf of bereaved people.