CurePSP, Inc.

404 5th Ave
New York, NY, United States


About CurePSP, Inc.

CurePSP is dedicated to increasing awareness of PSP, CBD, MSA and related rare brain diseases, advancing research toward a cure, educating health professionals and providing hope, support and education for persons with these diseases and their families. Established in 1990, CurePSP serves as an advocate for those affected with these diseases and their caregivers, through its network of support groups, online support groups and peer supporters. Our Patient Engagement Program has also strengthened our relationship with the Pharma companies working to develop drugs for treatment and cure, by acting as a conduit for patient enrolment in clinical trials. CurePSP supports and promotes research through its grants programs which awards three grants per year for innovative research into the causes, treatment, and potential cure of PSP and CBD. CurePSP hosts a world-class research symposium, regional family conferences, caregiver retreats and other special educational and awareness events every year.