Dandy-Walker Alliance, Inc.

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About Dandy-Walker Alliance, Inc.

The Dandy-Walker Alliance, Inc. is a non-profit, voluntary organization committed to educational and informational activities, programs and publications. The Dandy-Walker Alliance promotes non-partisan research and events to increase public awareness of Dandy-Walker. They also support all efforts to determine the cause(s) of, find the cure for and to ameliorate the effects of Dandy-Walker. Dandy-Walker malformation (DWM) is a brain malformation that occurs during embryonic development of the cerebellum and 4th ventricle. The symptoms of Dandy Walker syndrome typically include developmental delay, low tone (hypotonia) or later high tone (spasticity), poor coordination and balance (ataxia), and sometimes enlarged head circumference and increased pressure within the skull due to hydrocephalus.