Disability Rights North Carolina

2626 Glenwood Avenue Suite 550
Raleigh, NC


About Disability Rights North Carolina

The Disability Rights North Carolina is part of a nationwide system of civil rights protection and advocacy agencies that are committed to serving citizens with disabilities. Established in 1977, the DRNC provides advocacy services to any citizen of North Carolina who has a mental or physical condition that substantially limits at least one major life activity. A volunteer board appointed by state government leaders guides a division of the North Carolina Department of Administration, the DRNC. All board members bring personal insight and experience concerning the needs of individuals with disabilities either through having experienced a disability themselves or having a close family member with a disability. The agency provides information about laws that protect the rights of individuals with disabilities and offers advocacy services with client advocates who are experienced negotiators and knowledgeable about state and federal laws concerning the rights of people with disabilities. The agency may also help provide legal representation when working cannot solve problems with an advocate alone. In addition, the DRNC offers technical assistance to legislators and rule making bodies of government to ensure that individuals with disabilities receive equal opportunities in every aspect of community and institutional life. The agency also provides informational brochures and has a web site on the Internet.