Gerontological Society of America

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About Gerontological Society of America

The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to promoting ongoing scientific study of aging, encouraging exchanges among researchers and practitioners, and fostering the use of gerontological research in forming public policy. Established in 1945, the society currently consists of over 6,000 members including biologists, physicians, nurses, other health care providers, sociologists, psychologists, social workers, policy planners, and program administrators. The society offers a referral service that identifies experts and Society journal articles on all aspects of aging; provides networking opportunities with other professionals in the field of aging; conducts policy analysis and organizes seminars through its independent, nonprofit National Academy on Aging; and offers annual multidisciplinary conferences for researchers, scientists, and educators. The society publishes several multidisciplinary scientific journals on gerontology; a monthly member newsletter entitled “Gerontology News”; the National Academy on Aging�s quarterly report entitled “The Public Policy and Aging Report”; fact sheets; and several special publications on various aspects of aging.