International Hearing Dog, Inc.

5901 E. 89th Ave.
Henderson, CO


About International Hearing Dog, Inc.

The International Hearing Dog, Inc., (IHDI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to training dogs to assist people who are deaf or have hearing impairment. The dogs are trained to recognize and to alert their masters to certain sounds. Once the 90-day probation period is completed, the dog has legal access to all public places when, it is accompanied by its master. A professionally trained hearing dog can restore its master’s independence by alerting him or her to such sounds as ringing telephones, doorbells, knocks, smoke alarms, alarm clocks, baby cries. Established in 1979, the organization also trains dogs to assist individuals who are blind and deaf. All dogs are trained to meet the special needs and lifestyle of each applicant and are placed in an applicant’s home at no charge.