International Hearing Society

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About International Hearing Society

The International Hearing Society (IHS), formerly the National Hearing Aid Society, is a professional nonprofit organization dedicated to providing leadership in building a continually improving force of reliable Hearing Instrument Specialists to meet the needs of individuals with hearing impairments. Established in 1951 by Hearing Instrument Specialists, the Society continues to recognize the need for promoting and maintaining the highest possible standards for its members in the best interests of consumers. The goals and objectives of IHS are to promote the welfare of individuals with hearing impairment; promote and advance the Society�s programs and coordinate them with the programs of similar organizations; provide a unified voice for those engaged in the practice of testing human hearing and selecting, fitting, and dispensing hearing instruments; seek and maintain communication and cooperation with other professionals involved in hearing health care; and improve methods of marketing, selecting, fitting, dispensing, and using hearing instruments and improve such instruments� effectiveness. The Society also strives to establish standards of education and techniques in aural rehabilitation by means of amplification; examine and pass upon the qualifications of all persons who wish to have their competency in the field of fitting hearing instruments qualified by the International Hearing Society; sponsor and enforce among its members a code of ethical practices; and promote and encourage an effective program of public education regarding the benefits of the use of amplification. IHS�s program activities include marketing assistance to its members through a comprehensive public relations and marketing program; negotiations with unions and third-party providers for the implementation of plans to provide hearing instruments; representation of members at the national level with governmental, consumer, and ancillary groups; and legislative assistance through cooperation with the licensing boards of various states and provinces as well as consultation and representation at hearings. The Society also conducts annual meetings, sponsors seminars and workshops, and offers a variety of educational materials.