International Ostomy Association

P.O. Box 512
Northfield, MN

About International Ostomy Association

The International Ostomy Association (IOA) is a non-profit federation of over 60 ostomy associations committed to improving the quality of life of individuals with ostomies and other related surgeries. An ostomy is a surgical procedure (e.g., colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy) in which an artificial opening (stoma) is formed in the abdominal wall to allow the passage of urine or intestinal contents. Ostomies are required when individuals have lost normal functioning of the bladder or bowel due to birth defects, disease, or injury. The International Ostomy Association is committed to encouraging the highest possible standards of surgery, medical attention, and patient after-care and assisting member organizations in helping affected individuals achieve the quality of life they seek after such surgical procedures. The aims of the association include providing information and management guidelines to member associations, helping to form new ostomy associations, and representing the interests of all individuals who receive ostomies and related surgeries.