Israeli Huntington Disease Association

3 Lubezky Street


About Israeli Huntington Disease Association

The Israeli Huntington Disease Association is a self-help organization in Israel dedicated to providing information, support, and resources to individuals with Huntington’s disease, a rare genetic disorder. Huntington’s disease is characterized by the progressive development of rapid, jerking involuntary movements (chorea) and mental deterioration that leads to confusion and disorientation, impaired control of judgment and impulses, and progressive deterioration of memory and intellectual function (dementia). Although the age at onset may vary from case to case, most affected individuals initially experience symptoms during the fourth decade of life. The Israeli Huntington Disease Association currently consists of approximately 60 members. The group offers support and counseling for individuals with Huntington’s disease and their family members; promotes professional and public awareness concerning the needs of affected individuals and families; and is dedicated to enhancing services for those affected by the disorder. In addition, the group provides patient advocacy services, engages in lobbying efforts, and offers educational materials including brochures.

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