Liam’s Land Organization, Inc

P.O. Box 5715
Savannah, GA


About Liam’s Land Organization, Inc

Liam’s Land Organization is a non-profit 501(c)(3) group who’s goal is to advance the research and identify possible causes of lymphatic malformation by establishing a patient registry and funding further genetic testing and clinical trials. Lymphatic malformations (LM’s) are abnormal channels and cysts filled with clear lymphatic fluid. LM�s can cause macroglossia, and thickening of the tongue, which can block airway and cause speech/eating complications. Other complications include facial deformations and many patients require a tracheostomy to provide a patent airway and a feeding tube for nutrition. There are currently several types of treatments for LM�s, however, there is no one “best practice.” Multiple surgeries and treatments are common.