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About Lung Association

The Lung Association is a national, non-profit organization in Canada dedicated to improving respiratory health, and combatting respiratory disease. The association works to fulfill its mission by promoting research, increasing public awareness, and providing patient support programs. Established in 1900, the association is an umbrella organization that currently consists of ten provincial and one territorial association. Each provincial association maintains a professional staff that includes health educators who work with volunteers to develop and conduct community program services. One of the association’s primary objectives is to reduce tobacco use. In addition, the Lung Association is committed to supporting respiratory health and disease research. Nationally, the association provides research funding that is administered by the Canadian Thoracic Society, the Canadian Nurses Respiratory Society, and the Physiotherapy Cardio-Respiratory Society. Each member association also supports research at the provincial level. The Lung Association also provides a variety of educational materials and has a web site on the Internet.