Lymphatic Malformation Institute

About Lymphatic Malformation Institute

The Lymphatic Malformation Institute (LMI) was founded in 2010 and is focused on advancing the understanding of the lymphatic system, specifically, advancing the understanding of rare lymphatic malformations, lymphangiomatosis and Gorham�s disease. Gorham�s disease (GD) is a rare bone disorder that is characterized by bone loss (osteolysis) often associated with swelling or abnormal blood vessel growth (angiomatous proliferation). Bone loss can occur in just one bone or spread to soft tissue and adjacent bones. Lymphangiomatosis is a condition wherein cysts are formed due to the number and size of abnormally connected lymphatic channels. It can affect the cardiothoracic, abdominal, or skeletal systems. Symptoms vary depending on the system involved but ultimately, it causes restrictive compression of vital organ structures. The goal of the LMI is to find cures and treatments for these life-threatening disorders by identifying, organizing and funding research studies The LMI has established a grant program that awards seed money to researchers.