Lymphoedema Association of Australia

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About Lymphoedema Association of Australia

The Lymphoedema Association of Australia (LAA) is a non-profit, international organization that was founded in 1982 to encourage research into lymphedema and its treatment. It disseminates information among physicians, therapists, affected individuals, and family members. Lymphedema is a condition characterized by the abnormal accumulation of lymph fluid, the associated swelling of certain body tissues due to lymphatic system abnormalities that cause obstruction of normal lymph flow into the bloodstream. Lymph is a bodily fluid that contains certain white blood cells (lymphocytes), fats, and proteins, and functions as an essential part of the immune system. Individuals with lymphedema may experience swelling that increases over time; a feeling of heaviness, tightness, and discomfort in the affected area; tenderness or pain; susceptibility to infection; and, in some severe cases, loss of mobility. The Lymphoedema Association of Australia currently has approximately 2,000 members throughout the world.