Lymphoma Action (UK)

3 Cromwell Court
Aylesbury, Bucks


About Lymphoma Action (UK)

The Lymphoma Association is a voluntary organization in the United Kingdom that was established in 1986 to provide information and emotional support to anyone whose life has been affected by cancer of the lymphatic system (lymphoma). Lymphoma may be classified into two major categories that are distinguished by cell type: Hodgkin’s disease and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Both may be characterized by similar symptoms including painless swelling of lymph nodes, night sweats, fever, fatigue, itching, and weight loss. The Lymphoma Association offers a variety of programs and services including providing information about lymphomas, their treatments, and related topics; offering a listening service for affected individuals and family members; and providing telephone links to volunteers who have direct experience with lymphoma. The association also has a lending library service of books, videotapes, and audio tapes; publishes a regular newsletter; and has a network of support groups across the United Kingdom that are open to anyone with an interest in lymphoma. The support groups provide affected individuals and family members with the opportunity to meet other people affected by lymphoma and to find support, friendship, information, and resources. Many groups also invite speakers and organize social activities.