Make Early Diagnosis To Prevent Early Death

University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT


About Make Early Diagnosis To Prevent Early Death

The Make Early Diagnosis To Prevent Early Death (MEDPED) is a humanitarian non-profit project funded to help treat individuals and families with inherited high cholesterol disorders. They help by identifying, diagnosing and promoting treatment of persons with inherited high cholesterol and their affected relatives. Educating patients and their doctors. Fostering patient support, encouraging research for treatment of inherited high cholesterol disorders and advocating government assistance world wide. They can help find the diagnosis and give a referral, if needed, to anyone who thinks they may have an inherited cholesterol disorder or are unsure if their child or other family members does. By registering with MEDPED you receive free their newsletters two times a year, referrals to the nearest lipid specialty physician, news of clinical trials in your area, educational materials about your disorder. Treatment advice if you need a second opinion, all information is kept confidential.