Mental Health Foundation (UK)

About Mental Health Foundation (UK)

The Mental Health Foundation is a non-profit organization in the United Kingdom that is concerned with all aspects of mental health, including mental illness and learning disabilities. Established in 1949, the foundation is committed to pioneering new approaches to delivering services, treatment, and care that will help meet the needs of affected individuals and increase understanding of mental illness and learning disabilities. It works closely with health, housing, and social services agencies across the UK, professional bodies, research centers, the voluntary sector, and the government. Current programs include providing biomedical research grants that focus on bridging research knowledge of effective intervention and its use in practice, funding projects to work with parents affected by depression, and working in partnership with schools to promote a whole school approach to the mental health of children and young people. The Mental Health Foundation has also established the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities. This foundation provides the “Choice Initiative,” which is dedicated to providing assistance to people affected by severe, profound, and multiple learning disabilities.