MHE Research Foundation

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Brooklyn, NY


About MHE Research Foundation

The MHE Research Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the support of researchers, families and physicians dealing with Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (MHE)/Multiple Osteochondrome (MO), a rare bone disease. Hereditary multiple exostoses (HME) is a rare genetic disorder characterized by multiple bony growths or tumors (exostoses), often on the growing end (metaphysis) of the long bones of the legs, arms, and digits. These bony growths are covered by cartilage and usually continue to grow until shortly after puberty. Exostoses may lead to bone deformities, skeletal abnormalities, short stature, nerve compression and reduced range of motion. The MHE Research Foundation ‘s five-point mission is to REACH, advance and support the following: RESEARCH, to help fund research programs so that one day a treatment and/or a cure for MHE can be found; EDUCATION, to provide clinical information and guides to help benefit both families and physicians; ADVOCACY, to bring awareness about this disease throughout the world; CLINICAL, to help provide informational resources to families, enabling them to find the medical care they need; HOPE, that the information, resources and research being conducted on MHE will bring a better quality of life to the families affected by this disease. The MHE Research Foundation offers directories to locate orthopedic doctors, genetic counselors, and hospitals where children can obtain medical care free of charge. The Foundation also offers information regarding how people with MHE can participate in research projects and co-organizes the International MHE Research Conference.

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