Microcephaly Support Group

About Microcephaly Support Group

The Microcephaly Support Group (MSG) is an international, voluntary health organization in the United Kingdom dedicated to providing information, support, and networking opportunities to families of children with microcephaly, a condition characterized by abnormal smallness of the head. Microcephaly may be apparent at birth or within the first months or years of life. The effects of microcephaly may vary greatly from case to case. Such effects may include mild to profound mental retardation, developmental delays, feeding difficulties, visual impairment, and episodes of uncontrolled electrical disturbances in the brain (seizures). Microcephaly may occur as an isolated condition or due to, or in association with, many underlying disorders. Established in 1992, the Microcephaly Support Group currently has over 400 members nationwide; in addition, the group has contact with many affected families overseas. It is committed to providing ongoing information and support to affected families; promoting and supporting research; and providing networking opportunities that enable affected families to exchange mutual support, information, and resources. The group also has a sibling pen pal club and provides a variety of educational materials including an information sheet and a regular newsletter.