Montgomery Heart Foundation for Cardiomyopathy

1830 E. Monument St./Suite 7300
Baltimore, MD


About Montgomery Heart Foundation for Cardiomyopathy

The Montgomery Heart Foundation for Cardiomyopathy is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing private funding to support genetic research for familial cardiomyopathy and raising awareness of the disease to help promote the advancement of a cure. Cardiomyopathy is a term used to describe a heterogeneous group of disorders causing primary heart muscle dysfunction in both men and women, often leading to heart failure or life-threatening complications. Established in 1993, the foundation provides direct financial support for research studies focusing on the cause and treatment of cardiomyopathies; creates a constituency for cardiomyopathy and makes the needs and interests of this known to researchers, clinicians, and the general public; facilitates the flow of information between researchers, clinicians, and affected individuals about new developments and breakthroughs; informs the general public about this disease; and offers up-to-date information to affected individuals and their families.

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