Multiple Sclerosis Society UK

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About Multiple Sclerosis Society UK

The Multiple Sclerosis Society UK is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering local and national services to individuals whose lives have been affected by multiple sclerosis (MS), and promoting and funding MS research. Multiple sclerosis is a progressive disease characterized by loss of myelin from nerve fibers within the brain and spinal cord (central nervous system). Myelin is a fatty substance that forms a protective, insulating sheath around certain nerve fibers, serving as an electrical insulator. The severity of MS may vary from case to case. Associated symptoms may include numbness, tingling, weakness, incoordination, visual abnormalities, and speech disturbances. The MS Society was established in 1953 and currently consists of approximately 350 UK branches, and 45,000 members across Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The society offers a variety of services and programs including telephone counseling, financial assistance for affected individuals, respite and holiday centers, residential and day centers, and transportation assistance. In addition, the MS Society is committed to funding biomedical research; supporting applied research to improve the lives of affected individuals; working with other charities that serve people with MS; lobbying for equitable prescribing and funding of therapies; and improving statutory services by educating professionals about MS.