Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation

985430 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE


About Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation

The Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation (MMI), a non-profit university affiliated program, is a clinical and rehabilitation facility and genetics center that is part of the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Established in 1954, the institute is dedicated to offering the services of professionals trained in research, education, and patient care to support individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. MMI provides a learning environment for students preparing to enter the fields of disability and health care, particularly professionals who will provide services for children and adults with special health care needs and their families. The institute provides comprehensive interdisciplinary clinical and laboratory genetics services, genetic counseling, professional education, patient education, and support groups. Its educational materials include several guidebooks for parents of children affected by particular disorders or disabilities such as Sotos syndrome, trisomy 13, trisomy 18, and Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome. (Sotos syndrome is a rare genetic disorder characterized by excessive growth while the latter disorders are rare chromosomal disorders characterized by a variety of abnormalities.)