Muscular Dystrophy Ireland

About Muscular Dystrophy Ireland

The Muscular Dystrophy Ireland (MDI) is a national, voluntary, non-profit organization with a membership of over 500 individuals and families throughout Ireland. The organization’s primary objective is to provide support to people with neuromuscular conditions and their families through the provision of a range of services, including family support, information, respite services, holidays, youth activities, transport, and independent living and training opportunities. Muscular dystrophy is a collective term referring to a variety of genetic neuromuscular disorders characterized by progressive degeneration and weakening of muscles. The different forms of muscular dystrophy may be categorized based upon age at onset, specific muscle groups affected, rate of disease progression, the genetic mutation and mode of inheritance. Muscular Dystrophy Ireland was founded in 1972 and currently has a network of offices throughout Ireland. In addition to providing supportive services, MDI is committed to promoting and supporting research, conducting annual general meetings, organizing special youth activities for its younger members, and offering a variety of educational materials.