National Association for Colitis & Crohn’s Disease (UK)

About National Association for Colitis & Crohn’s Disease (UK)

The National Association for Colitis & Crohn’s Disease (UK) is a national, voluntary association in the United Kingdom dedicated to providing information and support services to people who are living with ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, which are both forms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The association is also committed to promoting and supporting research into the medical, healthcare, social, and psychological aspects of IBD. Ulcerative colitis is characterized by chronic inflammation and ulceration of the large intestine and the rectum. Affected individuals may experience associated pain; episodes of urgent, bloody diarrhea; fatigue; and other symptoms. Crohn’s disease may affect any area of the gastrointestinal tract from the mouth to the rectum; however, in most cases, it is characterized by chronic inflammation, ulceration, and scarring of the wall of the small intestine. Associated symptoms and findings may include pain, fatigue, weight loss, episodes of urgent diarrhea, and other symptoms and findings. The National Association for Colitis & Crohn’s Disease (UK) was established in 1979 and currently consists of over 27,000 members including affected individuals, their families and friends, healthcare professionals, and anyone who wishes to support the group’s activities. The association conducts regular meetings; offers local support through its area groups; has a network of trained volunteer counselors who provide telephone support; and offers information and support to families with children affected by IBD through its “Smilie’s People Network.” In addition, the association has a fund for people in financial difficulty due to IBD and supports local hospitals through its area groups.