National Neutropenia Network

P.O. Box 1693
Brighton, MI


About National Neutropenia Network

The National Neutropenia Network is a non-profit, professional, self-help organization dedicated to providing a support system for affected individuals and their families, coordinating nationwide efforts to promote awareness of neutropenia, and distributing educational materials. Neutropenia is an abnormal decrease in the number of circulating white blood cells (neutrophils) in the blood. Established in 1994, the network supports general and clinical research related to neutropenia; provides information to families, the medical community, and the general public concerning the needs of affected individuals; and collects and distributes the latest medical data on neutropenia. The network is also committed to helping affected individuals and family members work with hospitals, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals and identifying people and families whose lives are affected by neutropenia. It also seeks to identify the psychological effects of dealing with chronic illness and encouraging families to seek appropriate support.