National Psoriasis Foundation

6600 SW 92nd Avenue
Portland, OR


About National Psoriasis Foundation

The National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) is a voluntary non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to, and improving the quality of life for, individuals with psoriasis, a chronic skin disorder; educating the public; and promoting and supporting research for psoriasis. Established in 1968, the National Psoriasis Foundation is committed to publishing the most current information on psoriasis and providing a forum for affected individuals to speak out. The organization promotes funding for psoriasis research and seeks to establish an alliance between affected people, the medical and scientific communities, and the pharmaceutical industry. The National Psoriasis Foundation promotes patient advocacy and legislation beneficial to affected individuals; provides appropriate referrals (e.g., to support groups); and offers a variety of educational materials. These materials include a regular newsletter and reports.

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