National Rehabilitation Information Center

8400 Corporate Drive
Landover, MD


About National Rehabilitation Information Center

The National Rehabilitation Information Center (NRIC) was established in 1977 as a national disability and rehabilitation library and information center that collects and disseminates the results of NRIC funded research projects. The collection, which now has more than 50,000 documents on all aspects of disability and rehabilitation, includes commercially published books, journal articles, and audiovisual aids. NRIC also has several databases available that provide abstracts on NRIC’s entire library collection; list national disability-related organizations and directories; describe journals and newsletters related to disability or rehabilitation; and contain information on current and past NRIC-funded projects. NRIC’s professionally trained information specialists will provide customized searches of its various databases (sometimes for a small fee). NRIC also provides resource guides on various topics and a variety of resources and directories.

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