New England Consortium of Metabolic Programs

Children's Hospital Boston
Boston, MA


About New England Consortium of Metabolic Programs

The New England Consortium of Metabolic Programs brings together healthcare professionals at all levels involved in identifying and treating individuals with metabolic disorders. Its membership of over 100 professionals includes directors of each of the metabolic centers in New England, clinicians, public health professionals, social workers, nurses, psychologists, nutritionists, genetics counselors, laboratory directors and staff. Several representatives from parent organizations and individuals with metabolic disorders also participate. The Consortium is an informal organization that encourages innovation, collaboration, and flexibility in programming and activities. The goals of the Consortium are to disseminate information, collaborate in the development of social support programs and educational materials, support organizations for parents and adults with metabolic disorders, provide training for students in medicine and related fields, jointly develop and conduct research projects, and establish uniform treatment protocols for individuals with metabolic disorders.