Nystagmus Network (UK)

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About Nystagmus Network (UK)

The Nystagmus Network is an international, self-help organization in the United Kingdom dedicated to providing information, support, and resources to individuals with nystagmus, a condition characterized by involuntary movements of the eyes. In most cases, individuals with nystagmus experience associated visual impairment (e.g., moderate to severe reduction in visual acuity, variable vision, slowness in seeing and limited vision in certain gaze directions). Nystagmus is often apparent at birth (congenital) and may be an isolated condition or may occur due to or in association with other visual abnormalities or a variety of underlying disorders. In other cases, nystagmus may develop later in life due to certain injuries, diseases, or disorders. The Nystagmus Network was established in 1984 and currently has over 500 members in the United Kingdom and other countries. The network’s activities and services include email support for affected individuals and family members; conducting regular meetings and seminars throughout the United Kingdom; responding to e-mail inquiries; and promoting and supporting research concerning the treatment of nystagmus. The organization also provides guidelines for teachers; publishes a regular newsletter entitled “FOCUS”; and offers additional publications.