Oral Cancer Foundation

3419 Via Lido #205
Newport Beach, CA


About Oral Cancer Foundation

The Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF) is a non-profit, public service charity designed for advocacy and service, created to promote change, through proactive means, in both the public and medical/dental professional sectors. OCF�s foremost goal is to bring about the firm establishment in the minds of the American public the need to undergo an annual oral cancer screening, combined with an outreach to the dental and medical communities to provide this service as a matter of routine practice. Through increased public and professional awareness, prevention through lifestyle changes, early detection initiatives, education, improved treatment modalities, and sponsorship of research, OCF�s mission is to contribute to the reduction of suffering, permanent physical damage and disfigurement, and death caused by this disease. Oral cancer, which falls into the head and neck cancer category, includes mouth cancer, tongue cancer, tonsil cancer, and throat.

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