PHP – Parents Helping Parents, Inc.

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Santa Clara, CA


About PHP – Parents Helping Parents, Inc.

The PHP – Parents Helping Parents, Inc., is a multifaceted, comprehensive, non-profit, parent-directed family resource center dedicated to assisting children with any type of special need (mental, physical, emotional, or learning disability). The organization was founded in 1976 as a parent support group, but now parent support is only one of numerous services offered by this organization. The mission of the center is to help children with special needs receive love, hope, respect, and services needed to achieve their full potential by strengthening their families and the professionals who serve them. This mission is attained through well informed, supportive, assertive, and caring families; knowledgeable professionals; and family-centered care that is coordinated and based in the community. Programs include bulletin board services, workshops for physicians, a special needs library, networking and peer counseling training, Online Resource Directory, Online Community Calendar of events and Parent Education Series of workshops.

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