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About Prostate Cancer UK

The Prostate Cancer UK is a non-profit organization in the United Kingdom dedicated to improving the care and welfare of people whose lives have been affected by cancer of the prostate gland, an organ that is part of the male reproductive system. Established in 1996, the Prostate Cancer UK works to fulfill its mission and objectives through promoting patient oriented prostate cancer research and providing a nationwide support and information service. The Prostate Cancer UK promotes research through raising funding for its own research program, known as the “Prostate Cancer Group,” and working with representatives from the fields of oncology, urology, and radiotherapy to disburse grants around the UK in order to support additional, high quality research. The Prostate Cancer UK includes a team of researchers and senior clinicians/scientists who focus on finding ways to improve current treatments offered to individuals with prostate cancer. The group is located at Imperial College in London, which enables the scientists to interact with other experienced cancer groups, bringing about collaborations and sharing of knowledge. In addition, the Prostate Cancer UK’s support and information service offers a telephone helpline that provides information to men and women who are concerned about issues concerning prostate cancer; provides educational materials including leaflets and a book entitled “Prostate Cancer–Everything You Need to Know”; and has a networking service called the “PCC Networkers.” This network consists of men and women across the UK who has direct experience with prostate cancer and is interested in sharing their experiences with others in similar situations. The Prostate Cancer UK also has a web site on the Internet that provides current medical news including clinical trial announcements and updates, a FAQ (“frequently asked questions”) area, and understandable information concerning prostate cancer and its diagnosis and treatment.