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About Reach

The Reach – The Association for Children with Hand or Limb Deficiency is a registered charity dedicated to providing information and support to families of children who have any form of upper limb deficiency. Such deficiencies may be present at birth (congenital) or acquired through accident or necessary surgery. Established in 1978, Reach provides networking opportunities that enable affected families to share information and encourage one another. Reach also provides referrals for children requiring prosthetic limbs, adaptive equipment, or surgery, and raises funds for research into new technology for the development of improved prosthetic arms. Reach also contributes to research projects, such as the effort to discover why some children are born with an incomplete arm or hand. The association publishes information including brochures, booklets such as “A Guide to Artificial Limbs,” and a quarterly newsletter entitled “Within Reach.” While Reach mainly serves residents of the United Kingdom, it does answer queries from all over the world.