Sail To Prevail

152 Mill Street
Newport, RI


About Sail To Prevail

The Sail to Prevail is a voluntary organization dedicated to providing mainstream and alternative therapeutic services to develop life skills for individuals from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds who have experienced trauma to the spinal cord and related nervous system disorders. Established in 1982, Sail to Prevail has improved the lives of hundreds of physically challenged people through a variety of multi-faceted programs. Its unique approach to improvement of the mind, body, and spirit serves as a catalyst to reconstruct numerous lives shattered by spinal cord injury or other related nervous system disorders. Sail to Prevail is a second-stage rehabilitation center where physically challenged people strive to move beyond what they thought was possible. It is unique in that, after a traumatic injury, it fills much of the gap between where rehabilitation centers leave off and a fulfilling life begins again. Consisting of 2,200 members, Sail to Prevail produces educational materials including a brochure entitled “Sail to Prevail, An International Center for the Advancement of Physically Challenged People,” a newsletter, and audio-visual aids. The organization coordinates a support group; encourages advocacy, networking, and education; provides referrals; and numerous other programs.